The Everett Theatre is collaborating with Big Ball for a new fundraising model that will benefit both organizations.

The Everett Theatre is hoping its new collaboration with the M.O.T. Big Ball organization will result in a homerun for both organizations. Next week, in an effort to raise money for both groups, the Everett will host a special showing of “A League of Their Own” at 7:30 p.m., Friday, Aug. 8. Tickets will be $5 and proceeds will be divided between the two non-profit organizations.

“Over the years, Big Ball has been very generous to the Everett,” said Everett Theater Board Member and Marketing Director Rob Stout, who also serves on the Big Ball Board of Directors as well. “They’ve donated thousands of dollars to art and theater camp scholarships. Their help has given a lot of kids a fun summer outlet while also introducing them to the arts.”

The M.O.T. Big Ball organization annually hosts a 24-hour baseball tournament, featuring four official marathon teams that compete against a slew of other teams consisting of local residents who commit to raising funds for the organization. The money raised is then put directly back into the community through grants, scholarships and donations.

If the collaboration goes well, Stout said that the Everett would like to do more movie fundraisers for other organizations and schools. The process is evolving but Stout laid out the general idea: Organizations would contact the Everett about doing a fundraiser. It would have to commit to taking charge of marketing the event as well as staffing it. The theater would likely give the organization several movie choices to pick from, depending on factors like distribution, the cost to obtain the movie and any rules of movie distribution that might apply. Some movie distributors require just a flat fee while others want a portion of movie sales. Stout explained that the Everett would encourage organizations to choose the film that would garner the most funds while also appealing to the most people.

“We see this as an opportunity to reach out to the community more while also getting the community to interact with us,” he said. “Local residents are lucky to have this historic theater. They really should use it.”