Concerns over truck traffic were shared at the Aug. 7 town council meeting.

Heavy traffic from diesel dump trucks and trash trucks on Main Street in Townsend has become a major concern for some residents with homes located on that street.

At the Aug. 7 town council meeting, Main Street resident Michael Ruhmann publicly invited members of the council to stop by his house at 4:30 a.m. to witness just how many trucks go by in the early morning.

“There have to be about 400 trucks going through Townsend on a daily basis,” Ruhmann said. “I have cracks on the plaster of my walls from the weight vibrations.”

According to Ruhmann, the truck traffic problem has been an ongoing battle since he moved to Townsend in 1996. He is also concerned with noise pollution from the diesel truck engines.

The town of Townsend does not have an ordinance on its books restricting any kind of traffic on Main Street because it’s a state street.

Seeking more information about the truck traffic problem, Councilmember John Ness asked residents present at the meeting if the trucks were also speeding.

“Yes, they are,” answered Ruhmann. “But that’s not the problem; the trucks shouldn’t be coming through Townsend proper!”

Other residents, like Desiree Dewey also voiced her concerns about the traffic.

“Why are they running through our town? There are no trucks running through Middletown,” Dewey said.

According to Ruhmman, many of the trucks using Main Street belong to a private trash company located in the west side of town. Drivers take and park the trucks and dumpsters at the facility throughout the day and night says Ruhmann.

Ness, who heads the committee on public safety, promised to take action after hearing residents’ concerns.

“We will talk to the trash company and remind them to watch the speed limit,” Ness said.

Townsend Mayor Jermaine Hatton told the residents that he would even try to see if the trucks could use alternative routes.

“We’ll take it back to the council and see if we can re-route those trucks,” Hatton said.

Some of the residents like Ruhmann say that they will continue to voice their concerns on the truck traffic issue in future town council meetings.