Police car was almost struck by man's red Oldsmobile while on Route 301.

A suspect pulled over in Middletown over a traffic stop is facing charges of DUI and weapon violations.

Lebron Warren, 34, of Millington, Maryland was stopped by Middletown police at around 6 p.m., Aug. 10 on West Main Street and U.S. Route 301.

According to a press release by Middletown police, an officer with the department was driving a fully marked police vehicle when Warren’s 1993 red Oldsmobile abruptly pulled in front of him and almost struck him.

The officer activated his emergency equipment to pull the vehicle over, but Warren took approximately three tenths of a mile until he actually stopped. After a brief conversation with Warren officers requested him to exit the vehicle for testing for driving under the influence, said the press release.

According to police, as Warren moved to exit the vehicle he was observed removing a silver handgun from his rear waistband. Officers quickly reacted and took Warren into custody without incident. Officers recovered a loaded pistol along with a folding knife with a blade over three inches in length in his left front pants pocket.

Warren subsequently was charged with a DUI, two counts of carrying a concealed deadly weapon, one count of menacing and numerous other traffic violations. He was arraigned and later committed on a $35,000 secured bond.