The suspect called the victim pretending to be an IRS agent.

A Middletown man is short $1,000 after falling victim to a common phone scam.

According to a press release by Middletown Police, the 37-year-old male victim reported on Aug. 26 that he was contacted by telephone by an unknown male claiming to be a special IRS. The suspect advised the victim that he owed money to the agency and that payment must be made to avoid being arrested.

The victim used two pre-paid Visa Debit Cards worth $500 each to pay the scammer.

Middletown Police said that contact of this nature by the IRS, other government agencies, business, organizations and or individuals is not standard protocol and is a popular scam. More information on this particular scam can be obtained on the Internal Revenue Website

Anyone receiving telephone solicitations of any sort where demands of immediate payment or threats are made should be followed up for validity prior to providing any payment or financial information. Please refer to for further.

If arrested, the scammer of this one incident will face a charge of theft by false pretense under $1,500.