Andrew Flach of Hockessin and Kayla Marie Velez of Warwick, Md. had been on the run after two purse snatching incidents in Middletown.

A pair of suspects in connection with two purse snatching incidents in Middletown are now in police custody, according to Middletown Police Department Lt. Michael Kelly.

Andrew Flach, 24, of Hockessin and Kayla Marie Velez, 21, of Warwick, Md. were arrested by the Cecil County Sheriff's Office on Sunday at approximately 4:40 p.m.

"They are still being held and are pending extradition to Delaware," said Kelly.

Flach and Velez had been sought by police after the attempted robbery of a 71-year-old woman in the parking lot of Dove Run Shopping Center on Aug. 13, and the robbery of a 25-year-old woman in the parking of Walmart on Aug. 22.

The arrest

According to Lt. Michael Holmes of the Cecil County Sheriff's Office, an off-duty officer spotted Flach and Velez in the parking lot of Big Elk Mall in Elkton, Md. The officer notified the police and the arrest was made.

Holmes said that the suspects were still driving the green Honda Civic that victims had described as their getaway car after the purse snatching incidents. In the car, police found drug paraphernalia, including empty heroin bags, syringes, and spoons.

The suspects told detectives that they knew they were wanted and had been living as homeless in a tent in the Elkton area. The suspects had plans to go to a shelter the evening they were arrested, according to the police report.

Police also found several purses and wallets in the car, along with electronic devices such as phones, GPS units, and a pawn slip for a Kindle Fire.

Incidents in Middletown

According to the report, Velez admitted to have been Flach's accomplice in the Aug. 13 incident at Dove Run Shopping Center in Middletown. Velez told detectives that she couldn't remember the incident well because she was high, Holmes said.

Velez also admitted to the robbery at the Walmart, where she and Flach stole the purse of a 25-year-old female who was with her infant.

Holmes said that Flach and Velez are suspects in several purse snatching incidents, including Middletown, Glasgow, and eastern Maryland.

Flach and Velez were scheduled to appear before a bond review board today with charges still pending.