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  • The Talker: House teetering on edge of cliff to be burned

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    The owner of a luxury home in danger of falling off a crumbling cliff in Texas has decided on the easy way of solving the problem: The house is going to be torched. The 4,000-square foot house, built in 2007, was condemned and evacuated about two weeks ago, when chunks of the property began tumbling into a lake 75 feet below.
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    Yes, it’s almost certainly a hoax, and it's definitely some high-level trolling, but the #EndFathersDay hashtag flooding Twitter today has people banging out 140 characters as fast as their angry little fingers can work a keyboard. Remember, not everything said on Twitter is real.
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    Just a gigolo, and everywhere he goes, TMZ knows the part he’s playing. “Glee” star Lea Michele apparently learned of her new boyfriend’s past the same way everyone else did: She saw the news on the Internet. But he gave her a perfectly reasonable explanation, see. It was all just research to help with his career as a “life coach.”

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