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  • The Talker: This would have helped before watching ‘My Dog Skip’

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    Yes, parents should really be aware of how much sex and violence are in movies they allow their kids to watch, but how about the really important stuff? How about, “Does a pet die in this movie?” Until you’ve watched “Old Yeller” with a sensitive 8-year-old niece, you really have no idea how important the website "Does The Dog Die" really is.
    Trending on Twitter
    You just know that somehow “Girl Meets World” is responsible for #TVShowSequels trending today on Twitter. Topanga, we just can’t quit you.
    Hot Video: A little extra with your water
    A family says it is “disgusted” after allegedly finding a pacifier floating in bottled water purchased from a Wal-Mart. Everyone in the family is upset … except for the baby, who wonders what the big deal is.

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