In a world where you must adapt to change and be ready to evolve, Mary Kate Church, owner of Middletown’s Femme Fatale Boutique takes her first steps to a new location. A location that Church hopes will be bigger and better.

Church’s boutique is currently located at 25 W. Main St., in Middletown, just a couple doors down from Immediato’s Bistro. The new location will be placed at 405 S. Ridge Ave., near Chick-fil-A in the Westown Center, where she will operate under the modified name of Femme Boutique.

Church expressed that one of the main reasons for the move was the additional space that the location would allow her.

“Right now, we are at 640 square feet of functional space,” Church said. “Our total square footage is 740, but that includes the hallway, which isn’t functional. The new location will have over 2,800 square feet of space.”

Church plans to use the extra space to bring in more products, and set aside a “shop-in-shop” for Pandora.

“We’ll be designating a square footage that Pandora requires creating a mini concept store,” Church said. “This will give us a better opportunity to have more Pandora products available to our customers.”

The move has been in the works since December, when she was approached about the space. However, at that time, she wanted to get through Christmas before looking at the lease. Now, with that taken care of Church said they are in the midst of taking care of permits and planning how to modify the interior of the store.

“The space right now is just an empty box, so we really need to do a complete build out,” Church said. “Hopefully everything will be finished, and we’ll be able to move in during the end of June to the beginning of July.”

Church plans on having a period of overlap, keeping the current location open while things are moved to the new location.

“I’d like to stay open on Main Street while the new location gets set up and established,” she said. “There will be a period where both stores will be open at the same time. Realistically, it looks like it will be mid-July before we get the certificate of occupancy and everything is done.

Church acknowledged that the jump from May to mid-July is akin to the blink of an eye, and that she is very excited about the prospects of this new location.

“We’ve hired a designer to lay things out, and I’m very pleased with the layout. It is very nice and functional,” Church said. “I’m very pleased with how everything looks on paper, right now.”

Come mid-July, Church is hopeful that the increased parking, the improved layout, and the in-store availability of more products will be to the satisfaction of her customers.