Nearly 592 Delaware Division of Child Support Services clients who used their First State Family Card at a Kmart may have had the card number compromised, the Division learned June 6.

Information on the Kmart website related to the incident assures customers no personal data from their customers was compromised. The Division of Child Support Services’ vendor has taken the precautionary measure of placing the 592 identified First State Family Cards in a “possible fraud” status and are transferring the funds to new cards. These new cards were to be processed and mailed to the affected DCSS clients the night of June 6. Clients affected who attempt to use the card currently in their possession will find it does not work

The new cards should be in the possession of child support clients by the weekend of June 9. DCSS clients who receive a new card should destroy the card currently in their possession.

“I am extremely pleased with how quickly our vendor identified the affected clients and halted future transactions,” said Ted Mermigos, division director at the Division of Child Support Services. “This will preserve child support funds distributed to the card and ensure the funds are delivered to the intended recipient. To date no client has raised concern that there has been abnormal card activity and we are grateful for that.”

There are about 17,500 First State Family Cards issued in the state of Delaware. Customers with questions about whether their card is one of the 592 that has been compromised can call FIS customer service at 866-466-8897.

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