Hyetts Corner Road, north of Middletown, is closed in one section because of work on the new U.S. Route 301.

Because of the construction for the new U.S. Route 301, Hyetts Corner Road is closed to traffic between the St. George's Technical High School and Windsor Commons Way until December 2018, according to the state Department of Transportation (DelDOT).

Hyetts Corner Road, at one point, is open to local traffic only, but near the St. George's school, the road becomes impassable because of all the heavy construction.

For the detour, motorists traveling westbound on Hyetts Corner Road should follow Jamison Corner Road through the roundabout and continue to Boyds Corner Road (SR 896) and turn left, follow Boyds Corner Road (SR 896) to US Route 13 and turn left, and back to Hyetts Corner Road.

Motorists traveling eastbound on Hyett's Corner Road should turn right at US Route 13, follow US Route 13 to Boyds Corner Road (SR 896) and turn right, follow Boyds Corner Road to Jamison Corner Road and turn right, follow Jamison Corner road through the roundabout and back to Hyetts Corner Road.