Sen. Tom Carper, a member of the Senate Finance Committee, released a statement Sept.14 for the committee hearing individual tax reform.

“It’s an open secret that the Trump administration has been working hand-in-hand with congressional Republicans to craft an overhaul of our tax system. Rumor has it that plan would add trillions of dollars to the federal debt to pay for tax giveaways to the wealthiest people in this country. That’s not the type of ‘reform’ this country badly needs. We can and should simplify the tax code, but we can achieve that without cutting taxes for the wealthiest among us by burdening families who are struggling the most,” Carper said.

“Beyond this proposal’s deeply flawed policy, a one-party approach for passing comprehensive tax reform will not work. I’d like to remind my colleagues that, in 1986, accomplishing tax reform took five years of open and bipartisan hearings, roundtables and meetings,” Carper said. “The idea that we could accomplish tax reform in a few months is the triumph of man’s hope over experience. In order to make smart and enduring changes to our tax system that are fair, fiscally responsible and encourage economic growth, tax reform must be bipartisan.”