With ease, Diane LeMay’s dog goes up the small staircase and down the little slide.

But that’s not the amazing part.

The dog performs the trick and doesn’t need food as a reward to encourage her to do the trick more.

LeMay’s dog, named Kachina, won first place for best trick at a pet contest at the Townsend Town Fair on Saturday.

Her dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and performed the trick several times in front of a crowd at the pet contest. LeMay told the audience that the dog, unlike many other dogs, didn’t require any kind of reward to do the trick.

Afterward, LeMay, a Townsend resident, explained that the female dog learned the trick by watching her grandchildren “and she did it all by herself.” There was no training involved or a treat of any kind.

“She does it just because she likes to do it,” LeMay said.

Her dog not only pleased a crowd with her tricks, but she also regularly cheers up sick patients at Kent General Hospital and Pinnacle Nursing Home. “She likes to go to the chemo department…She can sense something is wrong,” LeMay said.

At the same pet contest, a one-year-old female Labrador won best costume. She was dressed as a witch, complete with pink dress and the signature pointed hat, which was perfect for Halloween.

“She like the color pink. She just tells us,” said Kim Morrow, the dog’s owner. Morrow and her daughter, Paige Stapleton, 13, came to the pet contest. They consider the dog as a family dog.

Winners of the best trick and best costume won a big package full of pet toys, treats for dogs, and samples of dog food. Conrad Pet sponsored the contest. In both LeMay and Morrow’s case, it was the first time they had entered the contest at the fair.

The pet contest is popular with fair attendees. There were other contests, including dancing, hula-hoop, jump rope, and free throw at the basketball court.

About 1,000 people attended the Townsend Fair which is the usual amount for the event, said Town Councilwoman Lorraine Gorman. The town government sponsors the event, which has been held for 12 years now.

The fair included an inflatable slide and inflatable obstacle courses. Fair goers also enjoyed the trampoline with a bungee. Small children rode a miniature train and enjoyed the petting zoo sponsored by the 4-H Club.

There were about 100 vendors, including 11 food vendors, serving kettle corn, pizza, ice cream, fried fish, hot dogs, barbecue food, Mexican food, and all kids of desserts.

Other vendors included crafts, church information, home improvement, and government information.