The male who allegedly exposing himself to women in several incidents from May to October in downtown Middletown has been arrested.

Middletown police on Sunday apprehended a 15-year-old male allegedly in the act of attempting to expose himself. He was charged with multiple counts of second degree indecent exposure, trespassing with the intent to peer or peep and lewdness.

The juvenile was arraigned and issued a $1,300 unsecured bond, a no-contact order with the victims, and given a curfew. He was released.

Police since last May have been investigating the incidents and linked the juvenile to the crimes.

The incidents occurred in 500 block of South Broad Street, 400 block of North Cass Street, 100 block of Catherine Street, 600 block of North Broad Street, and 400 block of North Broad Street, all in Middletown.