The Appoquinimink School District is still taking comments and questions from the public about the “feeder patterns” which determine which students will attend the three new schools planned in the district.

One building will hold both Odessa High School and Cantwell’s Bridge Middle School on a campus off of Old State Road near Odessa. The other school, called Lorewood Grove Elementary, will be located on the road for which it’s named just north of Middletown.

The school district’s Board of Education on Nov. 12 reviewed a first reading of the proposed feeder patterns. And a second reading is expected to be on the board’s agenda for the Dec. 12 meeting. A final decision may come at the board’s meeting on Jan. 9.

Charlisa “Char” Edelin, a board member, said district officials will listen to the public, but won’t make any “promises.” She said that nine years ago, she fought the feeder patterns under a different proposal and then decided to run for the school board.

Three public hearings have been held and there won’t be any more. But the public can still comment by attending the board meetings and filing out a slip before speaking.

Also, the Feeder Pattern Committee will meet after the Thanksgiving holiday to review the input received to date, including the comments from the public hearings. The board will continue to discuss the proposal publicly at their Dec. 12 and Jan. 9 meetings. This discussion will include a report from the Feeder Pattern Committee regarding any recommended revisions stemming from the public comment period.

“While it is not possible to anticipate the final resolution of requests for consideration at this stage, we are happy to share the process for communication and decision making and remind parents and the public that they are encouraged to send questions or comments to, and consider joining us at the monthly Board of Education meetings where the topic will be highlighted in the agenda,” said a statement from the district.

On the district’s website,, there are multiple resources available for parents to use to determine their proposed feeder pattern, including district view maps with elementary, middle, and high school options, interactive street view maps and a neighborhood feeder pattern guide.

The school board recently named the new high school, Odessa High. According to the handout from school district, grades in Odessa High will be phased as follows: only ninth grade in the fall of 2020; ninth and 10th grade in the fall of 2021; ninth through 11th grade in the fall of 2022, and ninth through 12th grade in the fall of 2023.

Students attending Appoquinimink High or Middletown High prior to the fall of 2020 will graduate from their current high school, according to district’s information sheet.

Besides the new school, two other schools will be renovated – Meredith Middle School and Silver Lake Elementary School. During the renovations, Meredith Middle will temporarily relocate to the Odessa High and Silver Lake Elementary to Cantwell’s Bridge Middle School.