The Delaware Department of Transportation has announced that the existing lanes of US 301 at the Maryland state line will shift to the new U.S. 301 for a short distance, as part of the new 301 project.

On Monday, Dec, 18, motorists are advised to anticipate a lane closure on existing 301 between the Maryland state line and Middle Neck Road. Construction crews are preparing the crossovers to allow traffic to access the new segment of 301.

This temporary traffic pattern will be in place through the majority of 2018 as the new 301 northbound lanes will be built.

Motorists traveling northbound on the existing 301 from Maryland will utilize a median crossover to get onto the new 301, and travel northbound to a second crossover that will take them back to existing 301 (north of Hoober Tractor).

Vehicles traveling southbound on the existing 301 into Maryland will utilize a newly constructed crossover to get onto the new 301 and travel southbound to the existing southbound lanes of 301 in Maryland.

During this temporary traffic pattern, there will be no charge of tolls. In addition, all businesses in the immediate area will remain serviceable.

For further information visit, or contact DelDOT community relations at 1-800-652-5600 or 302-760-2080.