If you've had questions about your health, body, and diet for years, and had the chance to meet someone who could really help you, would you take it?

OK, so, here’s a question: if you’ve had questions about your health, body, and diet for years, and had the chance to meet someone who could really help you, would you take it? Well, if your answer is yes, then now is your chance.

Snap Fitness in Middletown is now THE spot for uncovering the secrets your body holds and help you look and feel better. For those of you who are members, or who have visited the place you know it’s a great place to exercise and start your morning, get in a lunch workout, or end your day clearing your mind from daily stress.

Alongside those things, you can now add “Giving you back your life” to those benefits. Above and Beyond Physiques and I are ripping off the band aids to the wounds you may still be carrying and allowing them to heal. There are many things that make people pause in their daily lives: weight gain, poor health, aches and pains, lack of muscle, lack of energy, loss of concentration, anxiety, and depression, to name a few.

Having a true one on one connection with someone who expertly understands all of these things can make all the difference. For many of you who have read my articles over the past several years you know that the value of your life and health cannot be measured, because it is always higher than the number you think.

If we all had the ability to rub Aladdin’s lamp and have the genie grant our wishes we would still have to come back to taking care of ourselves because that is a daily experience every day of our life. Teaching you the appropriate exercises using the techniques that are appropriate for you, teaching you about supplements, how to overcome an injury, how to be the best athlete in your sport, and teaching you about diet and what works and what does not work are all specialties you’ll receive in person.

If self-motivation is your weakness, getting help from a personal trainer may be the answer. You can bring a friend with you, if you don’t like going to gyms alone. Chances are that friend or family member will also benefit from a one on one consultation.

Your body is a road map. Some parts of your body are stronger than others; some muscle groups grow faster than others; some areas lose body fat quicker than others. Having someone that can help you right the ship and see all of your goals become a reality is like giving yourself a gift – a well-deserved gift.

To bring this point home I attached a before and after shot of my client Brandon, who had that moment of truth I wrote about in my last article. Brandon wanted to see his best self, and feel better in the process. He trusted the process, and remained consistent with his training and nutrition and found himself looking and feeling like a new person after several months of training. Brandon also became a posterchild for me, because he vowed to never be the person he once was prior to training with me. He’s kept that promise and has since had an abundance of positive changes throughout every aspect of his life.

The great thing about Brandon is that he is just like you or me. He could be your co-worker, neighbor, family, or friend. Seeing his transformation keeps it real for anyone looking to do the same. In short, if you’re doubting yourselves and your potential, keeping someone familiar who has already done it in your head can be the answer.

I say that because I always come across men and women who put all their hopes and dreams into what they see in a magazine. The only problem with that is that magazines are meant to sell; so whatever they choose to feature has to meet this goal. Now taking time with an everyday person, and diligently helping him or her achieve their hearts desire isn’t always glamorous. It’s not always like something you’d read about it in a magazine, but it is something that is long lasting with a wide reach of influence.

The same things I’ve discussed in previous articles: endurance, starting over, building muscle, doing a bodybuilding competition, getting off prescription meds, healing the body, and preventing long term illnesses, like strokes and certain cancers, are all topics you can really talk about in person, fully expressing your fears and questions.

It’s really important to be passionate about the process. The more passion you commit to, the better your results will be. Also, keep the mind clear. As Wilhelm von Humboldt once said, “True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.”

Michael Shaw is a certified master fitness trainer and sports performance nutrition specialist with Above and Beyond Physiques, owner of Shaw Fitness LLC, a member of the Maryland Advisory Council on Physical Fitness, and a fitness and fashion model manager. You can schedule to meet him at Snap Fitness in Middletown or reach him at www.michaelroyshaw.com.