GHNS Illinois Budget (1/31/08)


GHNS Illinois Budget (1/31/08)   Here are the top Illinois stories coming today from GateHouse News Service. Stories are available at Please check in the evening for changes to story lineup, including breaking news.     Contacts:
- Jean Hodges, 630-348-3350, 630-956-8834,
- Michael Toeset, 630-835-8870, 708-785-4355,     NEWS   STATE BRIEFS: A collection of briefs from GateHouse newspapers across the state. By 5 p.m. / Illinois and Illinois News -NOTE: If your paper has a digest item you’d like to share, please email it to - NOTE: If your paper has an impressive standalone photo to share, please email a high-rez jpeg to We’ll include it with the digest or by itself.    85 BEARS: Super Bowl Bears team better than the current Patriots? Otis Wilson thinks so. “We didn’t just win, we beat the hell out of you.” Galesburg.   FUTUREGEN: Did John Shimkus help torpedo Futuregen? Some other illinois futuregen advocates think so. Shimkus apparently had an interview with the mattoon journal-gazette edit board in which he opened the first few cracks in illinois' solid advocacy for the project, and some other congresspeople think that might have encouraged DOE to pull the plug. Rushton, SJR / evening / Illinois and Illinois News -- With: adm holes in the ground: despite apparent FutureGen demise, ADM and the Illinois State Geological Survey are going ahead with an $80 million project to test-drill holes to determine whether central Illinois sandstone is sufficient to hold CO2. Rushton SJR / evening / Illinois and Illinois News   POT BUST: pretty active local marijuana delivery & sales ring broken up last week, but the delivery guy, who after being busted ratted out his buyers to cops, has - perhaps wisely - flown the coop. antonacci SJR / evening / Illinois and Illinois News   PRESIDENTIAL MUSEUM: Is raising admission price for adults from $7.50 to $10. press release refers to this as "a few more pennies." puts it at the higher end of presidential museums. Sherman / evening / Illinois and Illinois News -- With: what the others charge: list for other presidential libraries provided. -- Also: see Lincoln Museum feature story at the bottom of the budget   GIULIANI STILL COMING? (IU) Still checking to see if Guliani is coming to speak at the Lincoln Day Dinner. If he's not, we'll see if people can get their money back. (merits; by 5 p.m.) KAREN MCDONALD, PJS / evening / Illinois and Illinois News   LAHOOD SPEAKS: (IU) Congressman Ray LaHood (R-Peoria) will be the featured speaker at the weekly meeting of the South-West Kiwanis today. He will discuss the upcoming Congressional agenda for his final year in office, the President's State of the Union address, and take questions from the audience. MCDONALD, PJS. / evening / Illinois and Illinois News   POLE CHOPPER: A Blandinsville man was arrested for attempting to chop down a utility pole in Hancock County last night. Just as a radio broadcast of the incident went out a McDonough County deputy was following him and was going to stop him for several traffic violations. He was later arrested on multiple felony counts for at least three incidents in the two counties, including running over construction cones on U.S. Route 136. (6 inches) JODI POSPESCHIL / evening / Illinois and Illinois News   BOEING SUPPLIERS: Boeing Corp. delayed its delivery of 787 orders on Jan. 16. How are suppliers, esp. local ones, playing a part in the slowdown or how is it affecting them? NATE LEGUE/ROCKFORD REGISTER STAR, words 360-450 / evening / Illinois and Illinois News   KILLER DENIED: Board denies parole for newspaper boy's killer. Chambers, RRS.   PELLA: Iowa company’s cuts won't affect Macomb plant. Gysi.   PILOT Travel Center coming to Woodhull. Register-Mail.     OPINIONS   (if your paper would like to submit an editorial or other opinion piece that would work statewide (or nationwide), please e-mail it to   BRITT: Toon on proposed water rate hike in Springfield. / afternoon / Illinois Opinions   MICHAEL MILLER: Religion column. Adding green to Holy Week.     SPORTS   MIKE NADEL: Tom Brady has proven many things over the years - including that a team need not use its first-round draft pick on a quarterback. Have the Bears taken note? / evening / Mike Nadel and Illinois Sports   ILLINOIS BASKETBALL FOLO: On Illinois’ contribution to the Big Ten’s sagging reputation nationally. Supinie. / evening / Illinois Sports and Big Ten     LIFESTYLES   LINCOLN MUSEUM: Museum now featuring “Two Centuries of Campaigns and Candidates.” Rogers, SJR.   ‘TOP SECRET’ PLAY: “Pentagon Papers” coming to Springfield this weekend. Rogers.