MHS soccer star Davey Huegel answered questions via e-mail.

Middletown High senior Davey Huegel has been hobbled by an ankle injury for much of the season so far, but nonetheless had an immediate impact in the center-midfield. He had an assist and eight shots in a big opening win over rival Appoquinimink, and is taking aim at a second straight first team all-state honor.

Q: You were all-state last season, but what skill do you still need to work on the most?

A: For this upcoming season, I hope to improve my goal scoring ability. Last year I had around eight goals but this season I hope to surpass that amount. During practice, we do a lot of shooting exercises so I think I should be able to help my team out by scoring more often.

Q: What was your favorite moment of last year's run to the state title game?

A: My favorite moment would definitely have to be during the Caravel game in the state tournament semifinals. We had to go into triple overtime before we finally won the game. When Brian Smith scored the winning goal, it was a relief to all of us and by far the most memorable moment.

Q: What's the difference between turf and grass when it comes to playing a game?

A: The main difference between turf and grass is that the speed of play is much quicker on turf. There are no bumps or ditches on a turf field so there is no room for mistakes. The ball moves much quicker and passing is incorporated more so because of the smooth surface.

However, certain grass fields throughout the state are comparable to turf. Personally, I like a grass field.

Q: What's the biggest goal or assist you've had?

A: My biggest goal had to be sophomore year when we were playing Charter for the Blue Hen Flight A Conference. We both had the same amount of wins in the conference so whoever won took the title.

It was raining heavily during the game with strong winds. It was 1-1 going into the last five minutes and I took a shot from around the 35-yard mark and with the help of the wind and rain, it hit the crossbar and went in. We went on to winning that game 2-1 and beginning the start of three straight conference championship seasons.

Q: Who is the toughest goalkeeper you've faced in your career?

A: The toughest goalkeeper I have ever faced would be Keasel Broome from Caravel. We played on the same club team for a couple years before he switched teams. He hasn’t played goalie that much at Caravel but should be the starter this year. He’s a great keeper, one of the best in the state, and I look forward to playing against him this year.