First State Favorites: Best attorney

NEW CASTLE | Jeff Weiner

ADDRESS 1332 King St., Wilmington


KENT | Alexander W. Funk, Esq., associated with Curley & Rodriguez, LLC

ADDRESS 250 Beiser Blvd., Suite 202, Dover

OWNERS Edward Curley, Elizabeth K. Rodriguez & Arlene M. Benton

YEAR OPENED March 7, 2007

Describe what makes your business stand out: I know what I don’t know. Unfortunately, lawyers have a reputation for believing that they’re always the smartest people in the room. I believe that an important part of being an effective advocate for your client means being willing to admit that you may not have all of the answers or solutions for a given client’s situation, and being willing to do what’s necessary, through research and seeking out other members of the legal community, to find those solutions.

What’s new about your business this year, or what do you have planned? Expansion. The firm recently completed construction on a new wing of the office to better serve our diverse client base.


SUSSEX | Vinnie Vickers, Stumpf, Vickers & Sandy, P.A.

ADDRESS 8 W. Market St.,Georgetown