First State Favorites: Best grocery

NEWCASTLE| HarvestMarket

By Andre Lamar

Quality products and friendly service have garnered Hockessin’s Harvest Market the title of best grocer in New Castle County by our readers. Store owner Bob Kleszics said it was a “total surprise” when he discovered the Harvest Market, which is approximately 6,000 square feet, was chosen over larger, prominent supermarkets such as Acme and Giant. In addition, he believes the recognition from First State Favorites “speaks to the passion that our customers have for the products we sell,” Kleszics said of his natural foods grocery store.

His business model for success has been to study health trends, eat healthily and hire employees who are interested in leading healthy lifestyles. As a result, customers have a more personable relationship with him and his staff, since shoppers also ask for advice on exercising tips such as where to perform yoga, said Kleszics, adding “they feel like we’re here to listen to them.”

Furthermore, the Harvest Market offers shoppers courses on health and nutrition that are usually free or priced at $5 per course, he said.

The Harvest Market carries grass-raised meats and dairy products, grains, fruits and other common items that you would find at any natural food store. In addition, Kleszics goes “the extra mile” to ensure customer satisfaction by purchasing products from local farmers including the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (a non-profit organic farmers cooperative of 75 farmers in Lancaster County Pa.).


KENT| Safeway Stores Inc.

ADDRESS190 John Hunn Brown Road, Dover


MANAGER David Callahan


Describe what makes your business standout: It’s the employees, and cleanliness.

What’s new about your business this year, or what do you have planned? Just to satisfy all the shoppers.If they have any request for new things to carry, we’ll do our due diligence to get it in for them.


SUSSEX| Hocker’s

ADDRESS 30244 Cedar Neck Road, Ocean View; 34960 Atlantic Avenue and Roxana Road, Clarksville