First State Favorites: Best sushi

NEWCASTLE | Sushi Yama

ADDRESS 572W.Main St., Middletown


Describe what makes your business stand out: Sushi Yama provides aunique menu and is always looking fornew recipes to add to our menu so itnever gets old. Our staff is diverse andallows for our customers to relax andfeel like they are in Japan.

What’s new about your business this year, or what do you have planned? Sushi Yama is alwaysexpandingits menu selections.We have remodeledto giveour customers anew, exciting anddiverse atmosphere.We can alwayscount on ourcustomers to giveus new ideas on improving our establishmentand help make their experienceat Sushi Yama better with eachvisit.


KENT | Rice Restaurant

ADDRESS 45 Greentree Drive, Dover


Describe what makes your businessstand out Good taste comes fromfresh ingredients and good preparation.


SUSSEX | Panda Tokyo

ADDRESS 30214 Sussex Highway, Laurel