Plans to build a large warehouse in Middletown took a step forward last night after the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission recommended that council approves them in the coming months.

The business that will occupy the warehouse remains untold.

Officials would not comment on rumors saying that it will house an distribution center.

“There are companies looking,” said David Bowen & Friedel, Inc. Principal Randy B. Duplechain.

He would not say which ones.

The warehouse is planned to be over one million square feet in size, and will be built west of Rt. 301 near Johnson Controls.

The building will sit on 76 acres of land and have more than 2,500 parking spaces.

“We added additional parcels of land last week for overflow,” Duplechain said.

His requests to add more than 50 additional ancres to the plan were approved.

For distribution use, 64 loading docks are planned on the back of the building with 126 spaces for tractor-trailers.

Duke Reality, the company that owns the property who Duplechain spoke on behalf of, hopes to start construction Jan. 15.

They plan on having the building occupied by next September if all goes accordingly, he said.

More than 2,500 jobs are planned to come once the facility is operational, and significant economic growth will be brought to the area, Duplechain said.

As of right now, there is no budget for construction, but Duke Reality said it would be “quite a bit of money.”

They do not anticipate traffic issues stemming from the warehouse’s operations, and plan on constructing a new road and extending Industrial Drive for truck traffic.