The Office of the Attorney General has secured a six-count indictment charging Dwight Smith in the murder of a Wilmington woman in last year.  

Attorney General Beau Biden said that the case will proceed according to his office’s death penalty review procedures.  

On Dec. 19, Marsha Lee was reported missing after her dog returned home without her after a morning walk in her Wilmington neighborhood.

Witnesses said that they heard a woman screaming and saw the river of a red Hummer SUV put something into the vehicle nearby.

Police identified articles of clothing left at the scene as Lee’s, whose body was later found by investigators.

Later that day, Smith was stopped by police and taken into custody.

Attorney General Beau Biden announced today that his office secured the indictment charging Smith in the adduction and murder of Lee.

“The aggravating circumstances of this crime make this case eligible for the death penalty,” Biden said.  

Smith has been charged with murder, possession of a deadly weapon, felony murder, kidnapping and rape.