Renee Bull, of Middletown, soared in the Miss Delaware 2012 pageant to the first runner-up spot.

Renee Bull, of Middletown, soared in the Miss Delaware 2012 pageant to the first runner-up spot.

She won the swimsuit portion of the competition, as well as earned the honorary Miss Spirit and Miss Congeniality awards.

Still gliding high, Bull, 19, spoke to the Middletown Transcript about her experience in the competition (which was held June 16 at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino), and her plans moving forward.

Q How proud were you to be among four other contestants who were representing Middletown in the Miss Delaware pageant?
A I was really, really hyped and happy that we were all in it together; and we all did very well, so it was very nice to have their support and friendship that week.

Q How did you get your body in peak shape to win the swimsuit phase of the pageant?
A I dance, so that helps a lot to tone my whole body. I dance at Christina Cultural Arts Center in Wilmington, and also at the Ballet Theatre of Dover: that alone is a workout. I also did a lot of workouts with my friends at Planet Fitness in Wilmington; it’s an awesome, awesome gym that’s open 24 hours a day. We’d always go at random times and do some running and lifting. It was just fun — I didn’t stress about it.

Q In what area of the competition do you feel you were at your weakest?
A My weakest was probably the public speaking part. I know I’m not really familiar, or experienced, with speaking to large groups such as that. The pageant was an extremely different circumstance and opportunity for me. And I think it’s helping me grow because I know what I need to say. Sometimes it doesn’t come out the way it’s supposed to, but it’s helping me and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to work on my speech. 

Q What are your plans moving forward? And have we seen the last of you in the pageant circuit?
A You have not seen the last of me — I’m coming back! I’m so excited to get more insight and information on how I can be the best. I’ve learned so much from this experience because it was my first time in pageantry and working with the Miss Delaware organization. I’m building myself up and I’m going to keep going out and speaking at schools and different organizations about my platform.