Having the ability to ensure that animals will be cared for is like music to singer-songwriter Paul Lewis’ ears.

Having the ability to ensure that animals will be cared for is like music to singer-songwriter Paul Lewis’ ears. Hence, Lewis — the frontman of Y-NOT?! — will perform with his band during the Paws for a Cause Red Carpet Gala on Saturday, held at the Premier Centre for the Arts. Proceeds will benefit the Delaware Humane Association.

The event — which is being spearheaded by Realize Records and Unicity Productions — will feature two separate events: Paws for a Cause Family Event and Paws for a Cause Red Carpet Gala. The first event is free and will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., featuring vendors, kids games, pet adoptions, and multiple live acts.

Then at 7 p.m. the Red Gala Carpet Gala will kickoff ($25 admission) and will feature a cash bar and performances by alternative rock-n-roll outfit Y-NOT?! and Switzerland pop artist Milow the Girl.

The gala is designed to create awareness for the launch of the animal-based social networking website animalpetbook.com, slated to kickoff on Saturday, said Fred Munzert, who’s a partner with Unicity Productions (the company building Animal Petbook’s website) and the founder of Premier Centre for the Arts.

Animal Petbook will also serve as a resource for pet owners whose animals are in need of medical emergencies, yet they don’t want to put them down due to the inability to pay for treatment, Munzert said.

The site will allow the online community to donate funds to save a pet’s life. In addition, the site will provide a resource to connect foster pet parents with current pet owners in need of temporary care for their animals.

Lewis, who’s also a producer for Realize Records, as well as the company’s co-founder with Michel Grey, discussed why he’s looking forward to Saturday’s benefit event.

Q How important was it for you to support Animal Petbook?
A I think the whole concept is a killer idea. I know they’re fine-tuning things with their site, because there’s a lot things that go into something like this. It’s a project to help save animals in general. It’s not a specific type of animal, it’s just animals in general. As you know, a horse, lizard or snake could be pets; it doesn’t have to be dogs and cats.

Q This year Y-NOT?! was nominated for Best Live Act by WSTW. How has Y-NOT?! anchored itself as one of the best live bands in the state?
A I don’t just sing a song; I feel like I have to perform the song. I sort of pride myself on that aspect of the rock show. When you come to see Y-NOT?! you don’t just see a band playing their instruments; you see a rock show. I always make sure that it’s the extra effort that always happens and it’s always alive and every show is its own performance piece. I like to have the guys in the band get involved so that they’re not just playing, but they’re there kind of portraying a certain persona on stage.

Q Name some of the songs you’ll play at the gala.
A You’ll be hearing songs like “World So Afraid,” which was our big radio song; it was played all over the place. “EAP,” which actually stands for Edgar Allan Poe. For the longest time I didn’t tell anyone what it stood for, and I’d let people make up their own. Somebody said “Elvis Aaron Presley” is what it meant. But it was about Edgar Allan Poe, because I’m a huge Poe fan and always have been since I was reading him in school. I wanted to write a song about him. I actually contacted the Edgar Allan Poe estate in Baltimore,[Md.] and they were thrilled I was writing this song.