Middletown Main Street is looking for it’s next Designer Show House.

The local group will host the 6th Annual Designer Show House in the spring and Middletown Main Street Director Tracey Skrobot says that they are looking for a home to feature.

The Designer Show House Committee is in search of a historic house to feature in the 2013 event.

The historic home can either be up for sale or just in need of some refreshments.

“The Designer Show House brings together leading interior designers, decorators, carpenters, painters, landscapers and other professionals from the region who donate their time and resources to execute a magnificent make-over property in Middletown’s historic district,” Skrobot said.

Proceeds from the Designer Show House ticket sales go into the organization’s grant fund, which are redistributed through the sign, awning and façade matching grant programs from downtown property owners and business, she said.

“We are working to revitalize the community one house at a time, while raising awareness of the importance of preserving these beautiful old homes,” Skrobot said.