This band stole a page from Batman villain the Riddler's book when they designed their logo with a giant question mark.

Clayton drummer Homer Coffman's band stole a page from Batman villain the Riddler's book when they designed their group's logo with a giant question mark.
And truth be told, there's a good reason Coffman and his Results May Vary bandmates adopted Riddler's iconic symbol (the question mark) to define their sound; RMV's repertoire includes covers from 30-plus bands/groups (such as the Temptations, Bullet for My Valentine, Green Day and Drowning Pool) and 60-plus cover tunes.
"Our set list changes so much it's like 'results may vary' — you don't know what you're going to get," said Coffman, 28.
With 100-plus shows under their belt since the outfit assembled in 2011, the hard rock band has dominated each gig with a throng of covers — approximately 35 per show. The guys ended a stretch of performing for 32 consecutive weekends less than a month ago.
During the last six months, however, RMV has been working on building a strong catalog of original tunes. In fact, the band's debut EP (currently untitled) is slated to drop in late December or early January of 2013.
"It's fun to play covers and please people, but it's all about writing your own music," Coffman explained. "And we're extremely anxious."
Coffman said RMV won't abandon cover tunes, since many people enjoy hearing them.
They love to 'Stumble'
Two tunes set in stone for the EP is the punk-pop-sounding "Stumble" and the grunge-tinged "Settle the Score," said frontman Gary Kemp Jr., 26, of Magnolia.
Gary Jr., who penned both songs, explained that "Settle the Score" is a tale about a good-guy-turned-rogue who's never been appreciated for his kind acts, so he finally decides to "settle the score" against those who've taken advantage of him.
Then the catchy tune "Stumble" discusses "relationship problems," said Gary Jr., adding, "Every time I turn around, you're doing something to make me fall back or stumble."
RMV has performed "Stumble" live on a few occasions to great avail — although the success of the song has been an inside joke to the band.
"The crowd's singing it, but they don't even know the lyrics. It's funny," quipped Coffman, adding the song sounds familiar to listeners since it's reminiscent of a Green Day tune and "it blends right in with the rest of the set."
'We're taking baby steps'
While "Stumble" is one of the only originals the band has performed live, the group is really looking forward to forging more originals that generate excitement like the tune, said Gary Kemp Sr., manager of RMV and father of Gary Jr.
"We're taking baby steps and are trying to build a nice following," said Gary Sr., 58, of Magnolia. "We want to get to the point where we can get into clubs in Philly and Baltimore that only hire original bands. Outside of that, we want to take a step to be a regional band; we don't have aspirations be a national band."
Many of RMV's gigs have been in Dover (Bubba's Rock Shack! and the Green Stinger Sports Bar) and Sussex County (Sand Bar Tavern), while they've traveled as far as Baltimore for a show. In addition, the band has played a number of military-based benefit concerts in Kent and Sussex counties for organizations like the American Legion and the Chad Clifton Foundation.
Furthermore, RMV's next show will be at the American Legion Walter L. Fox Post 2 in Dover on Dec. 8 for Ash's Elves Christmas Party: a benefit concert intended to raise awareness against domestic violence. RMV will share the bill with Smyrna band 13:1 and Dover outfits Chainbreak and Trippin on Jack, as well as Laurel's Elwood.
'My Girl'
Staying true to their name, RMV's catalogue includes a "rocked up" version of the Temptation's "My Girl," said bassist Drew Pruszinski, of Smyrna.
During the tune, Gary Jr. does a similar jig as the Temptations when they performed the hit song.
"All I do is mimic what the Temptations used to do," Kemp Jr. modestly explained.
Pruszinski — a man with a Viking beard who Coffman says is nicknamed "Drewcifer" because "he kind of looks like the devil," yet once you get past his appearance he's a cuddly "teddy bear" — says Gary Jr.'s unabashed nature makes him a joy to watch when performing "My Girl."
"He's an excellent frontman," beamed Pruszinski, 37. "He has no shame in what he does."
WHAT Results May Vary, 13:1, Elwood, Chainbreak and Trippin on Jack in American Legion Walter L. Fox Post 2 benefit concert for Ash's Elves Christmas Party to raise awareness against domestic violence
WHEN 12:30-8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 8
WHERE American Legion Walter L. Fox Post 2, 835 Bay Rd., Dover
COST $10 advance; $15 door
INFO or 674-3922