For the group's 2013 New Year resolution, the Delaware Sports League wants to give the M.O.T. community more events and a stronger community connection.

Delaware Sports League's resolution for MOT in 2013 is about three things:

1. A wider variety of sports offerings

2. More social events

3. A stronger connection with the MOT community.

In the beginning and by that I mean the first few years, you have to establish a flow. You have to establish a routine. After that you can start adding in a wider variety of sports. The next coming to MOT will be Flag Football, Softball, and Bowling at various points in 2013.

Next you must help people connect with one another. That is what DSL is all about. Sure we play sports, but in the end all we really care about is that our members make friends and are active in their lives both on and off the field. There is going to be a major commitment in 2013 to hosting a number of DSLsocial events right in the heart of MOT. These events are designed to help members interact and get to know one another on a personal level. A community that knows each other, grows with each other. Which leads us to our final resolution…

Part of what makes DSL special is that we work very hard to have a positive effect on the community. Be it promoting and making a DSL social event out of a happening at the Art Museum, or taking members to Point to Point every year like we do in Wilmington. We need to connect with the businesses in Middletown that make the city who it is and work with local government and municipalities to be a positive addition to the community.

Our resolution is not about growth of our company. That happens naturally when you foster growth within a community.

Happy New Year, Middletown!