Headlining the St. Patrick's Day party at Tom Foolery's Restaurant & Bar on Saturday night will be Stache.

Headlining the St. Patrick's Day party at Tom Foolery's Restaurant & Bar on Saturday night will be Stache.

The Newark-based quintet is self-anointed as Delaware's number one party-rock cover band. And their band logo resembles the Pringles man, if he were to don shutter shades.

Frontman Jason Mastriana, 35, of Newark, shed light on why Stache is the Small Wonder's finest cover band, why they have a DJ in the group, and more.

Q What makes Stache the king of Delaware cover bands?
A We try to bring a little more energy to shows. We all came from original bands, and other cover bands, and we're friends, so we have a real relaxed relationship with one another. We like to go out and have fun. We know we don't want to watch bands that stand there and go through the motions, so we try to involve the crowd a little bit.

Q What are some unique covers you play?
A We'll bring a little bit more besides classic and modern rock. We'll do a lot of dance stuff like "Wild Ones" by Flo Rida. We have "Locked Out of Heaven" by Bruno Mars. But even though I'm a male singer, we'll do "Raise Your Glass" [by Pink] and "I Touch Myself" [by Divinyls] and things like that, little fun songs; it's amusing for the crowd to watch me sing those things.

Q Will you be playing any traditional or untraditional Irish tunes at this St. Patty's party?
A We might do something by the Dropkick Murphys.

Q What's the benefit of having a DJ in the band?
A If a set is over and you allow a [venue] to supply the in-between music, sometimes it'll just kill the momentum of the crowd. With a DJ, we can make sure even when we're done playing we can keep the energy level up so that when we go back on, it's just a continuous party experience.

Q What kind of music does he play?
A Whatever's really hot on the dance circuit. It could be Flo Rida, Ke$ha or any of that stuff. He likes to mix it up, so whatever is trending and people are really listening to, he'll make sure that's in the set. Plus he includes some of the old school rap.

Q Where'd the name Stache come from?
A Me and the bass player, Nick Walker, were in a band a long time ago, and we had both just recently got out of bands. We were talking one day and thought, "What would be a good name; what would be fun to brand with and make a good logo, t-shirts and merchandise?" For some reason we might of started talking about the '80s TV show "Magnum PI" — so the power of the mustache came to mind [laughs].

WHAT Stache in concert
WHEN St. Patrick’s celebration from 11 a.m.-1 a.m. Saturday, March 16; Stache will perform from 10 p.m.-1 a.m.
WHERE Tom Foolery’s Restaurant & Bar, 714 Ash Blvd., Middletown
COST No cover charge
INFO tomfoolerys.info or 449-2211