Maersk Line, which is the world's largest cargo shipper, has an awesome Instagram account that should appeal to anyone who's interested in world trade, or even just gigantic ships.

We picked out some of our favorites. (via @pcdunham and Reuters)

"The Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller in Rotterdam on it's maiden voyage."

"Eleonora Maersk. Nighttime in the Port of Aarhus, Denmark."

"Early containership Axel Mærsk as seen in 1976."

"The famous stairwell as seen from below"

"The giant four-bladed propeller for the first Triple-E being loaded onto the Maersk Salalah in Hamburg."

"Edith Maersk in a puddle. From the Port of Rotterdam."

"Edith Maersk and the Solitude of the Sea."

"The windsurfer feat. Louis Maersk (1984)."

"Frozen over in Saint Petersburg."

"Cargo hold 4 & 3 on one of our new Triple-E vessels. From the DSME shipyard in Okpo, South Korea."

"The wall of Maersk."

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