Lots and lots of vitriol spewing over at the Bitcoin subreddit lately — Apple's decision to shun Bitcoin apps has Redditors heaping negative criticism upon the company.

Here's a look at just some of the stuff being passed around the Bitcoin discussion page on Reddit. One guy even shot his iPhone in protest.

Take this Photoshopped ad, for example. It's a play on Apple's old ad challenging IBM. This guy shot his iPhone 5S with a rifle in exchange for a much more Bitcoin-friendly Google Nexus 5. Those not wanting to destroy their devices can swap their iPhones for Bitcoin using a service called MintSpare. Redditors are also celebrating celebrity support — Joe Rogan's on board with them. And famed investor Mark Cuban, while he doesn't seem too interested in the currency, is bothered by the ramifications of a less-than-open mobile web.   There's even a contest to re-edit Apple's famous "here's to the misfits" commercial with a Bitcoin bent, hopefully as a way to change the company's attitude on Bitcoin. Here's the unedited original commercial.

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