The family of 4-year-old Jack Robinson of Hampshire, England, said their goodbyes at a "Star Wars" themed funeral. gets major props for covering my favorite movie news of 2014. I'd throw in a "so far" clause somewhere, but I don't see any story trumping this one. The story begins with the heartbreaking news that Jack Robinson, a special 4-year-old from Hampshire, England, recently passed away. Diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, Robinson touched the hearts of several celebrities including Matt Smith of "Doctor Who" and British pop singer Gary Barlow of the group, Take That. Barlow visited Robinson during one of his hospital stays, and Smith, while stateside in Texas, sent the youngster a video message expressing his support. In the video, Smith apologizes for not being able to meet Jack in person and then offers, "When I'm back in England, I'm going to try and come and say hello, my man. And I'll give you a thumbs up and a what's up and see what you know about 'Dr. Who' really. I do hear you're the biggest fan ever." Moviepilot goes on to explain: "Then early last week, after Jack had lost his battle, his family honored him with an incredible Star Wars themed funeral complete with Stormtroopers; a Jedi wreath and a brass band playing John William's Binary Sunset." Also from the article, a quote from Jack's father after the funeral: "Jack was a special boy, he was unique and brought everyone together. We needed to give him a unique send off, and the brilliant sunshine that came out for it was Jack looking down on us. I will always love you son."%3Cimg%20src%3D%22http%3A//