Candy Connections opened its doors in early July, but a grand opening is scheduled for Aug. 27.

Nestled just off Main Street in Middletown is a new shop with shelves on the walls holding rows of glass jars filled with colorful candy. This may be the type of place a dentist would recommend patients to avoid, but the sight of the gumdrops, jawbreakers, candy canes, and other candy delights may be too enticing to resist.

“We both had fond memories of candy stores in our childhood neighborhoods,” said Daneya Jacobs who owns Candy Connections with her husband, Anthony. “It was our hope to connect adults to similar childhood memories while giving children the opportunity to create ones of their own.”

Candy Connections opened its doors in early July. The storefront faces South Broad Street, but the store’s owners hope to cash in on the pedestrian traffic on Main Street.

“Our neighbors have been extremely welcoming and full of advice we are very grateful to each of them,” said Daneya Jacobs.

The candy shop goes beyond just selling candy. It also offers custom designed “candy buffets” for birthday parties and other special events. Sweet 16 anyone?

The reception of the shop and business has been great so far, according to the Jacobs. The Peach Festival last week provided a great opportunity for the shop to be discovered by many people.

“It was a good day for us,” said Anthony Jacobs.

Originally from New York City, the Jacobs met in 2010 at the Boys and Girls club next door to where Candy Connections is now.

“Starting our first business together in Middletown was an easy choice,” said Daneya Jacobs. “We both have grown to love the town’s family-centered environment and are enjoying raising our blended family here.”

The couple hopes to offer more than candy to people in the community such as, youth leadership opportunities through apprenticeships, school engagement, and youth-lead community activities, according to the Jacobs.

Candy Connections will hold its grand opening on Aug. 27 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Those who attend will get free water ice and enjoy activities like face painting.