At least four incidents of graffiti occurred in Middletown last month, according to the Middletown Police Department.

The incidents were part of the August police report that Middletown Police Chief Daniel Yeager gave at the town’s Mayor and Council meeting Monday night.

Police said that the graffiti included symbols such an upside down cross, and writing of the number “666,” the word “satan,” and racial slurs. Different color spray paint was used at each of the incidents including red, yellow, orange, black, and silver.

The first graffiti incident occurred on Aug. 1 at Silver Lake Park. The second took place on Aug. 2 at the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom-Hall on Noxontown Road. A third incident was reported on Aug. 12 at the Duke Baseball Field on Cleaver Farms Road. Another took place Aug. 25 at the MOT Little League field. And the last incident in August happened on the 24 at St. Anne’s Church on St. Anne’s Church Road.

Middletown police lieutenant Michael Kelly said that incidents like this are not so rare.

“They are sporadic and localized in certain areas,” Kelly said. “And it’s not gang activity related. Just kids trying to spray paint something goofy.”

The Middletown Police Department is asking residents to report any suspicious activity promptly by calling 376-9950, 573-2800 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-847-3333. Confidential tips that lead to an arrest may make witnesses eligible for a reward.