Some 2,300 scrap tires were dropped off in Middletown on Sept. 20 during an event organized by the state’s Scrap Tire Management Program, administered through DNREC’s Division of Waste & Hazardous Substances. The program was started in 2008 and more than 450 tons of tires have been collected for recycling since its inception.

According to DNREC, scrap tires are a potential health and environmental hazards. They are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. A tire fire started by arson or a lightning strike could take days, even weeks, to extinguish because burning rubber is extremely difficult to extinguish. The smoke from a tire fire contains hazardous gases and the oily liquid runoff from the melted tires can pollute ground water.

Program drop-off days provide residents with an opportunity to recycle scrap tires free of charge, helping to reduce the environmental and health hazards associated with piles of scrap tires in the community. Residents may bring in up to 10 passenger vehicle or light truck tires for recycling at each scrap tire drop-off day.

The program is funded by a fee of $2 per tire on the sale of new tires in the state. The fee is diverted to the Scrap Tire Management Fund, a matching fund and program created to clean up historic scrap tire piles statewide.

The next drop-off day is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 8 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Delaware State Fairgrounds in Harrington. For more information about this scrap tire drop-off day, or for assistance with removing a qualifying scrap tire pile from your property, or anything related to scrap tire management in the state, please visit DNREC’s website at or contact the Scrap Tire Management Program at 302-739-9403.