The investment bank Goldman Sachs is one of the most elite institutions on earth. 

And most reviled.

"'I'm going to Goldman,' is still about as close as it gets in the real world to 'I'm going to Harvard,'" said Michael Lewis, the firebrand financial writer. 

The prestige comes with outrageous dollar signs think "better than half a million dollars in annual compensation, per worker," if you take Businessweek's word for it. 

Still, what do you earn if you're not at the top of the Goldman pile? If you're in the middle? Or even at the bottom?

With those queries in mind, we sifted through Glassdoor's generous list of collected salaries to provide a glimpse into the pay for Goldman's 32,000 some employees.

According to Glassdoor, here are the average salaries for 15 positions at Goldman Sachs, in ascending order: 

1. Operations Analyst: $50,450 2. Analyst: $63,459
3. Financial Analyst: $68,794 4. Technology Analyst: $75,429
5. Investment Banking Analyst: $78,957 6. Associate: $103,194
7. Senior Business Analyst: $105,958 8. Trading Associate: $108,796 9. Senior Analyst Developer: $113,349
10. Team Manager: $118,367
11. Sales Associate: $124,717 12. Vice President: $158,096
13. Intermediate Research Associate: $172,249
14. Intermediate Finance Associate: $178,561
15. Vice President, Intermediate Research Associate: $193,559   

A possible takeaway: If you really wanna get paid, start programming for Facebook.

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