What we reported, what's new, and what's next on our Middletown Appliances story from September.

WHAT WE REPORTED – In our Sept. 25 issue we reported that the sudden closing of Middletown Appliances had left at least a dozen customers without their orders. Customers such as Lynn Marcum had paid thousands of dollars for appliances that were never delivered.

The story also revealed that the owner of the business, Nicolas “Nick” Rosello of Dover, filed for bankruptcy and shut down the business at some point in early August without notifying customers or even Pastor Charles Salako, whose church owns the property on Main Street.

“Nick just disappeared and we haven’t heard from him,” Salako said. “He hasn’t returned calls and we don’t know where he is.”

Salako’s church, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Amazing Grace Chapel, purchased the property where Middletown Appliances was located in January 2013. By then, First National Bank of Wyoming had taken possession of the property from Rosello.

“The bank told us that they didn’t want to see Nick Rosello’s name on the property because he had a bad financial record,” Salako recalls. “But we felt bad for him because we knew he had been in business a long time. Customers trusted him. We didn’t want him to close down.”

Another person affected by the store’s closing was Lisa Snow of Clayton, who started working at Middletown Appliances in late January of 2014. She said that she never got the direct deposit for her last paycheck causing bank account problems that resulted in negative balances and several insufficient fund fees that she had to pay.

“The money never hit the bank. He really screwed me all up. All the bills that are paid from the account bounced,” she said.

WHAT’S NEW – Since we reported this story, readers contacted the Transcript to let us know that their purchases could be refunded if they had paid for their appliances with a credit card. Marcum was one of those readers – she had paid Middletown Appliances $6,750 for an order she never received.

“I was hoping that when you put something on a credit card you’re protected,” she told the Transcript. “The process took about 2-3 weeks and the credit card company credited my card.”

Marcum was able to buy brand new appliances in late November from the money that was refunded to her.

WHAT’S NEXT – Many Middletown Appliances customers are still waiting to hear from the bankruptcy court. The case was being handled by the Dover-based law office of William Jaworski. Customers were supposed to have heard from the court sometime in November. Jaworski’s office did not return calls by press time.