“Cutthroat Kitchen,” a popular reality TV cooking show on the Food Network, will feature one of Townsend’s own in its next new episode.

Chef Tameka Teagle, 39, will be one of the four participants in an episode that will air on Sunday, March 29.

The TV show is hosted by celebrity chef Alton Brown who is also one of the main commentators in the show, “Iron Chef America.”

Each contestant starts with $25,000, and they have the chance to bid on items to sabotage their opponents, forcing them to cook with inferior tools or ingredients. In three rounds, their dishes are judged by a celebrity chef, and the contestant with the losing dish is eliminated after each round until the best chef wins. The prize is the money that the winning chef has left after buying the items to sabotage their opponents.

“It’s going to be a great episode, but I’m not allowed to say much more than that,” Teagle told the Transcript.

Originally from Philadelphia, Teagle moved to Townsend 11 years ago. She is married with five children and runs a catering business from home called, Intimate D’Lites. She specialized in all kinds of cooking, but she is sought after for her famous barbeque jerk chicken wings.

“It’s one of the dishes that people really like,” she said. “I have my own customized recipe.”

During her career, Teagle said that she has prepared food for many famous people, including photographer Ken LeBelle, singer Marsha Ambroius, rapper “T.I”, and for public officials such as Pennsylvania State Sen. Vincent Hughes.

Being a “Cutthroat Kitchen” contestant was not easy, Teagle said. The process involved submitting an application, photos of her dishes, and going through interviews.

“I’m very proud to have been selected as a chef and represent Delaware,” she said.

Due to confidentiality agreements with the show producers, Teagle could not reveal if she was a winner on the show.

“People will just have to wait and see,” she explained.