For mothers and mother figures, one of the perks of the job is sleeping in and being served breakfast in bed on Mother's Day.

To her, a humble tray of scrambled eggs and toast (made by the ones she loves) is tantamount to room service at The Plaza. 

But wouldn't she be delighted if you spooned a little caviar on top of those perfectly soft scrambled eggs? Of course she would. In that spirit of easy luxury, here are nine things you can crown her eggs with this Sunday. 

1. A sprinkling of truffle salt. 

For around $15 to $30, you can pick up a jar of truffle salt at nearly any food or grocery store.

2. Actual shaved truffles. 

Black truffles (aka black diamonds) can be purchased year-round at specialty food stores and online (D'Artagnan is an excellent source). If you're short on time, swing by Whole Foods and grab a tin of Urbani black truffle and mushroom purée. 

3. Fresh pesto.

This one's a piece of cake to pick up. And it'll make her eggs green! A side of ham (serrano or ibérico if you're fancy) would be a good move here.  

4. Paper thin slices of lox.

The combination of buttery eggs and briny lox is the stuff of waking dreams. Sliced thin, they can be draped over the eggs or folded on top like ribbon. 

5. Showstopping gold leaf. 

You can find edible gold leaf at high-end kitchen supply stores like Sur la Table. She will light up when she sees it. 

6. Cheese, glorious cheese. 

The possibilities here are endless ... A showering of nutty parmesan, a dollop of tangy goat cheese, whatever tickles her fancy. 

7. Fresh herbs and edible flowers. 

Edible flowers are common in better grocery stores like Whole Foods. As for herbs, try laying down a few criss-crossed, whole chives. 

8. Undetectable grated bottarga. 

She'll taste these yellow-orange shavings of dried fish roe before she sees them — surprise!  

9. And finally... caviar

How can you go wrong with eggs on eggs? Bonus points if you add crème fraîche and chives into the mix. 

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