Andy Grammer, the man behind the smash-pop single “Honey, I'm Good,” will play the Bottle & Cork in Dewey Beach with American Authors on Wednesday.

Andy Grammer, the man behind the smash-pop single “Honey, I’m Good,” will play the Bottle & Cork in Dewey Beach with American Authors on Wednesday.

The platinum-selling singer-songwriter, Grammer, has taken the country by storm with his tune “Honey, I’m Good,” in which the video boasts more than 29 million views on YouTube.

The record is an anthem for resisting cheating in a relationship. "Honey" is off Grammer’s latest album, “Magazines or Novels,” released in 2014.

Q How did your recent collaboration for “Honey, I’m Good” with the Eli Young Band come about?

A That was really cool. The song kind of has a country tinge to it, as it is. So their manager reached out to my manager and it was like, “Man, what if we really countrified this?” I was super down [for that].

Q Considering “Honey, I’m Good” came out late last year and is still going strong, what are your thoughts on the song’s continued popularity?

A It’s pretty incredible how long it’s been up at the top of iTunes and everything. I don’t exactly know why. I think that there’s something about the timeliness of the topic, maybe. Everybody deals with temptation and that’s kind of what keeps it interesting.

Q What’s been the key for you for avoiding temptation in your marriage?

A It’s kind of a little about being honest about it and just a lot of communication and being in touch, and being real about it, saying, “Okay cool, so this situation feels good and this one doesn’t, and I got to get out of here.” That’s kind of what the song is about. Once situations start to not feel cool, then we’ve got to leave. I get out of a lot of trouble that way.

Q “When you worked on “Magazines or Novels,” did you feel every song on it had the potential to be a hit like “Honey, I’m Good?”

A No, not always. That’s the thing. A lot of times I’ll write a song and be like, “Wow, that is an incredibly amazing song. And that actually might be my favorite song. But that’s not a hit. If you’re going to be in the pop game, you need hits. And who knows exactly what determines a hit. When I wrote “Honey, I’m Good,” my manager and me and everybody were all like, “Alright, well that one’s pretty weird. That’s either going to be a big flop or a big hit.” So the hit criteria has to be something that jumps out of the speakers and grabs you.

Q What’s going to be your next single?

A We should be figuring that out over the next two weeks here. I’ve been writing a bunch throughout the process of “Honey” getting bigger and bigger. It’s either going to be a new [song] or one off the album.


WHAT Andy Grammer and American Authors in concert

WHEN 9 p.m., Wednesday

WHERE Bottle & Cork, 1807 DE-1, Dewey Beach

COST $25

INFO Visit or call 227-7272