This is the story of two men from corporate America who after working for years in the advertising industry finally decided to go on their own. No, it’s not about the AMC TV show “Mad Men,” it’s about ConnecTheDot.

“I’m the Don Draper of ConnecTheDot,” said Travis Rothstein, the CEO and founder of the company. “We are very creative in that sense.”

ConnecTheDot began operating from Middletown in October. The company is a full service marketing and advertising agency serving domestic and international accounts, and also local businesses including Fromage and Sweet Melissa.

Rothstein, along with Doug Loosararian (ConnecTheDot CIO and co-founder), left Verizon, SuperMedia and Dex Media to start something of their own and help start-ups, mom and pops, medium and big companies in many ways, primarily in customer retention.

Both Rothstein and Loosararian said that their 30 years of combined experience in the corporate world has afforded them the knowledge and expertise that smaller companies can use as well.

“Some mom and pops don’t have access to those same people,” said Loosararian. “So we’re bringing them an ad agency that they can afford.”

ConnecTheDot also offers branding, logo creation, graphic and website design, promotional design, mobile app design, social media marketing, location based marketing, chat design and more.

“ConnecTheDot created a brand new logo concept and social media design that really stands out,” said Melissa Marchione of Sweet Melissa. “They brought creativity to a whole new level.”

Christopher Pride of Fromage said that he has used ConnecTheDot’s services too.

“Travis was way above what I expected in customer service and skillset. Thank you for a job well done!” Pride said.

Rothstein said that one of the things that set his firm apart from many others is that he and Loosararian are local residents and know the culture of the area well. Rothstein has lived in Middletown with his family for close to three years, while Loosararian has been in the town with his family for 11 years.

Currently, the business operations are conducted remotely, but Rothstein said that in 2016 he will be looking for office space right in Middletown – a place that he sees as an important place to be right now.

“We see Middletown as a melting pot. There is a lot of migration of different businesses and people looking for opportunities and looking for a change,” Rothstein said. “There is no better place to be than in the middle – Middletown.”

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