A repeat burglary offender from Middletown has been sentenced to 15 years prison and probation by the Delaware Department of Justice.

On Friday, Deputy Attorney General Barzilai Axelrod obtained a prison sentence for Gene Fulton, 53, for second degree burglary, and theft from a victim over 62 years of age.

According to the DOJ, in July 2015, a woman returned from a shopping trip and found Fulton running down the steps from the second floor of her home in the 200 block of Forsythia Lane in Newark.

A friend who was with the homeowner took video of Fulton’s truck as he drove away. Police were able to locate him a short time later and recovered jewelry stolen from the victim’s house.

Fulton was sentenced to 15 years at level five as a habitual offender for the burglary. For the burglary, he received two years in prison – suspended for 12 months – at level four, suspended after six months for one year at level three probation.