There are so many ways to enjoy movies theses days — including picking up a Blu-ray, streaming from a wide variety of services or going the old-school route and heading to the theater.

MOVIE LAND — There are so many ways to enjoy movies theses days — including picking up a Blu-ray, streaming from a wide variety of services or going the old-school route and heading to the theater.

If you’re going to invest that kind of time, however, you want to make sure it’s worth it. So, as always,’s here to help.

Here’s what you should watch this week.

New to theaters – Guardians of the Galaxy – 100%, 13+

The latest Marvel offering is ... Well, it’s different.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” isn’t a universally well-known property from Marvel, but according to early reviews it’s about to be.

The movie stars “Parks and Recreation’s” Chris Pratt and he’s the exact reason everyone loves the film. Those who have had the chance to see early screenings of the new film, which opens Friday, say that Pratt steals the show and you can’t help but fall in love with the unlikely super hero.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” is the quirkiest and strangest Marvel movie yet, but that’s actually a good thing. Director James Gunn has given us something new, fun and action-packed.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” opens Friday, August 1.

In theaters – Edge of Tomorrow – 81%, 13+

The Tom Cruise movie “Edge of Tomorrow” didn’t make the box office splash the filmmakers had hoped, but what they did get out of it was an entertaining, funny and original film.

The movie uses the “Groundhog Day” approach where Cruise’s character gets stuck in the same day over and over again, finding himself battling an alien force day in and day out.

The movie is probably the most original thing you’ll see this summer, and since it’s on its way out of the theaters, you can catch this flick at some of the cheaper theaters and save yourself a few bucks.

Netflix – Honey, I Shrunk the Kids – 100%, 6+

Yes, this movie is 25 years old, — I know, I feel old too — but kids will still get a kick out of the 1989 flick.

For those who have never seen the film, or haven’t seen it for 20-plus years, here’s a quick idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

Rick Moranis plays a scientist father who is inventing a shrinking machine. One day, thanks to an errant baseball, Moranis’ kids and a couple of neighbors are shrunk and lost in the front yard.

This is a perfect film to teach your kids what a movie that uses practical effects instead of CGI looks like; not to mention it’s still a lot of fun.

The movie is perfect for families. Your little kids will have a blast, and you’ll enjoy the nostalgia from the watching this childhood classic again.

Amazon Prime – Galaxy Quest – 100%, 10+

If you’ve never seen “Galaxy Quest,” do yourself a favor and watch it.

The goofy 1999 comedy features Tim Allen as the star of a 1970s sci-fi show, a la “Star Trek,” who now makes his living by making appearances at conventions and mall openings. His life and the life of his cast mates are flipped upside down when an actual group of aliens take them and recruit them for their help.

In a lot of ways “Galaxy Quest” is an updated sci-fi version of “Three Amigos,” but that’s OK because it’s still funny, quirky and well-told.

Allen is great, but the scene-stealers are Alan Rickman and a young Sam Rockwell.

“Galaxy Quest” is rated PG and should be appropriate for most of the family.

Redbox – Heaven Is for Real – 94%, 6+

“Heaven Is for Real” tells the true story of a young boy who undergoes an emergency surgery and makes a miraculous recovery. Following the surgery, the boy tells people he visited heaven and begins to help others in their lives.

The movie is touching and inspiring. Greg Kinnear plays the father, and it’s hard not to like him in anything he does, but the little boy, Connor Corum, is just too adorable to ignore.

The movie isn’t without its flaws, but it’s well worth your time to give it a chance and spend the $1.29 to bring it home.