Founded by well-known local therapist Kevin Calvey, the office is located at 834 Kohl Ave., in the new Hedgelawn Plaza off of U.S. Route 301 near Amazon and DQ Grill and Chill.

Offering much more than standard physical therapy and rehabilitation services, locally-owned Thrive is getting ready to open its doors to the Middletown community April 1.

Residents may be hearing the buzz already at a local Legion or Crossfit, as athletes anticipate the town’s first available cryotherapy, laser therapy and other athlete recovery services at 834 Kohl Ave., in the new Hedgelawn Plaza off of U.S. Route 301 near Amazon and DQ Grill & Chill.

Founded by well-known local therapist Kevin Calvey, Thrive will also be the region’s only clinic of its kind owned wholly by a Delaware native with no corporate or multi-site interests.

“After acting as the clinic director for a large PT chain in Middletown for over a decade, I am thrilled to be able to run my own clinic with the power to always put my patients’ needs first,” said Calvey. “Being able to impact lives in our community once again is a dream come true for me.”

Calvey, who has completed a marathon, several triathlons and a half-Ironman himself over the years, said he is equally excited to be able to offer more than typical injury prevention and rehabilitation in his clinic.

“I saw a huge need in our area for athlete recovery services,” he said. “The tools I’m offering have a big impact on everyone from the weekend warrior to the serious college athlete, and I’m looking forward to help many achieve the results they need when it comes to their fitness goals.”

Another key component of Thrive’s practice will be their pain management services. Individuals who suffer from various types of chronic pain may find relief in safe, effective modes of treatment without the need for lifelong, potentially addictive, prescriptions.

“I’ve spent the last year heavily researching healthy pain management solutions outside the scope of traditional physical therapy and am proud of the menu of options I’m able to offer at Thrive,” said Calvey, referring to a deep tissue laser, cryosauna and dry needling capabilities in the new Middletown location.

While helping patients heal from injuries and surgeries quickly will always be the number one goal, Thrive has already created a charitable giving program which will be implemented on day one.

“We will donate a portion of proceeds from every patient visit to a local charity, with the goal of giving back in our community and helping to make a difference not only in our patients’ lives but in the lives of others,” Calvey said.

For more information, visit or see Thrive’s sites on social media @thrivemiddletown.