Students take audience to 1920s New York in musical performance about Kansas-born Millie Dillmount who plans to seek the life of a modern woman, driven by her job and money rather than wooed by love

Middletown High School is presenting its final performance of  the musical “Thoroughly Modern Millie” tonight, Saturday, March 11, at 7:30 p.m.

The play will be performed in the high school auditorium, accessible from Silver Lake Road or East Main Street (Route 299).

The show tells the story of Kansas-born Millie Dillmount who moves to New York City where she plans to seek the life of a modern woman, driven by her job and money rather than wooed by love.

Despite her best attempts to marry her boss, Trevor Grayden, another man, poor yet street-savvy Jimmy Smith, catches her eye. With the help of her new friends, including fellow New York import, the well-to-do Miss Dorothy Brown, Millie must decide whether she wants to fulfill her dream of being a “modern woman” or if a life of love is what she truly desires.

As plot-twists and farcical humor abound, “Thoroughly Modern Millie” will excite audiences with its show-stopping music and dancing, sleek 1920s design, and a cast that will set your fringe a-flappin from start to finish.

The cast features Hannah Munzert as Millie Dillmount, Kinme Reeves as Jimmy Smith, Emma Tolley as Ruth, Lauren Weaver as Gloria, Sara Miller as Rita, Alexis Anibal as Alice, Cara Godlewski as Cora, Olivia Montes as Lucille, Jade Eisenacher as Ethel Peas, Joyce Keller as Mrs. Meers, Kylie Boggs as Miss Dorothy Brown, Gaetano Suglia as Ching Ho, Alex Montes as Bun Foo, Cameron Catalino as Miss Flannery, Ted Doyle as Mr. Trevor Graydon, Kyra Kimbrough as Muzzy Van Hossmere, Brenna DeRocili as The Pearl Lady, Kevin Gyamfi at The Letch, Emily Belitskus as Mathilde, Kris Mollung as George Gershwin, Morgan Burns as Dorothy Parker, Kevin Gyamfi as Rodney, Nicole Fox as Daphne, and Sid Garvey as Dexter.

For ticket information, see the high school's website under "News & Announcements." Tickets can be purchased at the door while supplies last.