The Everett Theatre will present Disney's “The Little Mermaid,” on stage with its funny creatures, all singing the whimsical lyrics of amazing songs, in this delightful show for the whole family.

Ariel is a princess who has everything. She has gadgets and gizmos aplenty… Whoozits and whatzits galore… You want thingamabobs? She’s got twenty… But the one thing she doesn’t have is…feet!

Because you see, Ariel is a mermaid. And in her quest to be where the people are, another fantastic Disney adventure unfolds on The Everett Theatre’s main stage!

Yes, it’s Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” performed live with its funny creatures, all singing the whimsical lyrics of amazing songs, in this delightful presentation that will thrill the whole family.

Come see Ariel as she pursues the love of her life, Prince Eric. Come hear the bellowing voice of King Triton as he tries to control a somewhat wayward teenager. Come and laugh at the zany antics of Sebastian and Scuttle as they follow her on her errant journey. And come recoil at the evil of Ursula as she tries to keep the seaweed-crossed lovers apart.

Diego Boateng, who will be playing Sebastian in the production, said it’s about “a girl who dreams about going up there with the humans and falling in love, but her dad doesn’t approve of it, and the crab doesn’t approve of it. She follows her dreams anyway, and finds that happily ever after kind of thing.”

Jason Messinger (Grimsby) added, “The Little Mermaid is one of those classic Disney tales that everybody loves and enjoys, even if they’re too manly to say it. It’s one of those guilty pleasure kind of shows.”

The cast and crew have worked hard in the creation of this performance, as well as its amazing, vibrant sets.

Mark Casenta, who plays a sailor, a chef, and Windward, said, “It is a classic show, fun for the whole family, and it has great music in it.”

Concerning the highlights of the show, “It is very similar to the Little Mermaid Disney movie version, and if you like that version you’re going to love this one… There’s a lot of fun, a lot of energy, and some romance mixed in too,” commented Stephanie Bailey, whose role is Alanna the Mersister.

Everyone loves Disney, a love story, music, and comedy—and this show brings viewers all those. Kids and adults will find themselves singing along to “Under the Sea” and all the other wonderful songs in this production. If recent history holds true, this show will be a sellout, so be sure to reserve your seats in advance.