It's time to talk about a hard truth: bing watching is exhausting. So many series are coming out at rapid intervals and pile up on our DVRs or in our streaming service queues, and it's too much to take in. Instead of consuming 13 hours of one show, sometimes it's better to just kick up your feet and watch a 90-minute rom-com that's going to make you forget about the woes of the world.

Enter Netflix, which has been steadily adding so much of this content over the past year that you've probably missed some real gems. That's what TV Guide is for. The broadcast television schedule has officially hit the summer slew of reality shows and summer specials and some of us have been procrastinating the recommended summer binges by digging into Netflix's stellar selection of young adult movies -- from instant classic rom-coms to heartwarming coming of age stories and even a few stalker thrillers. We've narrowed the list down to our top 5 movies that you should put in your queue now, and probably watch a few times when the binge schedule gets too overwhelming.

The Best All-Around: Set It Up (2018)

Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch, Set It Up

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If you're a millennial with an internet connection then at least one of your friends has told you how great Netflix's latest original movie Set It Up is. Believe the hype. Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch have effortless chemistry as two over-worked assistants who decide to team up to Cupid's chokehold their bosses in the hope that a romantic connection will allow them to have lives of their own, outside of work. The banter is quippy and the movie hits all of the desired rom-com traditions without falling into tropes or predictability. It is fun, funny and smart. We really don't think it's hyperbole at all to call it a modern When Harry Met Sally. Do yourself a favor and enjoy this now.

The Best Coming of Age: Alex Strangelove (2018)

Daniel Doheny, Alex Strangelove

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Heads up, stock up on tissues before you watch this one. Alex Strangelove stars relative new comer Daniel Doheny as the adorable Alex Truelove, who only wants to find his person but is struggling inside the dark closet of his sexuality. It's the Netflix version of Love, Simon and is equally compelling, heartbreaking and good for the soul. Growing up is hard, and whether you are gay or straight or anything in between, Alex Strangelove takes you back to those awkward high school days where it feels like your entire existence depends on you figuring out the right label. In the end, loving yourself is the first step in finding someone to love and going through this journey with Alex is straight up therapeutic and beautiful to watch.

The Best Eye Candy: Ibiza (2018)

Richard Madden, Ibiza

" data-image-credit="Aleksandar Letic" data-image-alt-text="Richard Madden, Ibiza" data-image-credit-url="" data-image-target-url="" data-image-title="Richard Madden, Ibiza" data-image-filename="180622-ibiza-richard-madden.jpg" data-image-date-created="2018/06/23" data-image-crop="" data-image-crop-gravity="" data-image-aspect-ratio="" data-image-height="4912" data-image-width="7360" data-image-do-not-crop="" data-image-do-not-resize="" data-image-watermark="" data-lightbox="">

Fun fact: Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) has not skipped arm day at the gym, and it pays off in Netflix's travel comedy Ibiza. If you're looking for pretty people to get into your eyeballs, Ibizia is a colorful adventure you should dig into. Madden plays the ridiculously hot, Scottish DJ Leo West, who steals the heart of the ambitious Harper (Gillian Jacobs), who finds herself putting it all on the line for romance during a work trip to Spain. Dope Queen Phoebe Robinson and SNL's Vanessa Bayer round out the cast as her two best friends and add some hysterical laughs into the mix.

The Best Girl-Power: Step Sisters (2018)

Step Sisters

" data-image-credit="Daniel McFadden" data-image-alt-text="Step Sisters" data-image-credit-url="" data-image-target-url="" data-image-title="Step Sisters" data-image-filename="180622-step-sisters.jpg" data-image-date-created="2018/06/23" data-image-crop="" data-image-crop-gravity="" data-image-aspect-ratio="" data-image-height="3840" data-image-width="5760" data-image-do-not-crop="" data-image-do-not-resize="" data-image-watermark="" data-lightbox="">

Step Sisters could have easily been a Bring It On rip-off, but the college-centered romp about Jamilah (Megalyn Echikunwoke), a down and out black sorority sister forced to teach a group of uncoordinated white girls how to step in order to get a recommendation to Harvard Law School, is actually a self-aware, empowering good time. The movie even cast Matt McGorry as Jamilah's desperately-trying-to-be-woke boyfriend. The movie has all of the great performance sequences of classics like the aforementioned Bring It On and Step-Up, but also tackles issues like nepotism and cultural appropriation with grace and honesty. Most importantly, its a movie about showing up for your people and what it means to be a sister -- even if you're not related.

The Best Dark Thriller: You Get Me (2017)

Bella Thorne, You Get Me

" data-image-credit="" data-image-alt-text="‹Bella Thorne, You Get Me" data-image-credit-url="" data-image-target-url="" data-image-title="‹Bella Thorne, You Get Me" data-image-filename="180622-you-get-me-bella-thorne.jpg" data-image-date-created="2018/06/23" data-image-crop="" data-image-crop-gravity="" data-image-aspect-ratio="" data-image-height="804" data-image-width="1920" data-image-do-not-crop="" data-image-do-not-resize="" data-image-watermark="" data-lightbox="">

Sometimes movies are so insane that they loop back around to being good. Enter You Get Me, or what we've affectionately named "Bella Thorne Swimfan" around the TV Guide office. You know what, let's just leave you with that description because it's all you need to want to give movie this a chance.

All of these movies and many more are currently streaming on Netflix.

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