Teen Men - 12:45 to 1:30 p.m. -- WHERE Lawn Stage / The White Panda - 1 to 2 a.m. -- WHERE Pavilion Stage

Teen Men

Wilmington’s own Teen Men will carry the First State on their back in The Woodlands. This is Teen Men’s first time at the festival, but half the band has already experienced it. Nick Krill (guitar and vocals) and Joe Hobson (guitar) are from Wilmington indie-rock outfit The Spinto Band, which graced Firefly 2013. Despite the band’s name, Teen Men isn’t all-male. Catharine Maloney (keys) holds it down as the only woman. The fourth member of the gang is Albert Birney (keys). The indie-rockers perform with homemade, interactive synchronized video. Their self-titled LP dropped in 2015.

The White Panda

It’s hard to resist the face of a panda, especially two of them. This is part of the allure behind EDM duo The White Panda, the final group scheduled to perform Friday. Aside from the aesthetic masks, White Panda is beloved for witty mashups, often meshing older artists and newer ones. An example is a mix of Jay Z‘s “On To The Next One” and Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s “Lean On,” which White Panda transformed into “Lean On To The Next One.”

White Panda has more than 60 million SoundCloud streams and more than 25 million YouTube plays.