Live from the field at Firefly.

The success and failures of past concerts had an impact on how visitors experienced this year’s Firefly festival. Both first timers and veteran visitors had a different opinion on this year’s festivities compared to last.

Pennsylvania native Alicia Nunn has been coming to Firefly for the past five years. She was impressed with a decision that made getting around easier.

“I’m definitely happy they put down stones this year in the path ways to the other side,” she said. “Last year was muddy and it was a mess.”

Better traction wasn’t the only highlight for Nunn.

This year she came to Firefly in style. Her brother Ryan, knowing how much she liked relax, gave her a portable, inflatable lounge chair.

“I like to lounge around and stuff so this was just perfect,” Alicia Nunn said. “I’m going to be laying here drinking wine and you can’t ask for a better time.”

In order to fill the lounge chair with air Ryan Nunn had to run around, holding it above his head, for five minutes, until it was full. When he was done onlookers gave him a round of applause.

“Like she said, she’s a granny and she likes to lounge so it was the perfect thing for her,” he said. “It was exhausting but when everybody clapped for me when I finally got it, it made my day.”