Wilmington woman places first in contest at the M.O.T. Jean Birch Senior Center during the Olde-Tyme Peach Festival Saturday in Middletown

Amy Watson Bish of Wilmington was at first intimidated using dough to bake her own pies.

But she got over her reluctance and has been making pies for family and friends for the last four years.

On Saturday, Aug. 19, her experience paid off—literally.

Bish won first place in the peach pie contest held by the M.O.T. Jean Birch Senior Center during the Olde-Tyme Peach Festival Saturday.

She took home $50 which she probably will use to buy more pie supplies and maybe submit another pie in a future contest.

It’s her first time winning the contest at the senior center.

“This is my first time with this one. I just three weeks ago won a pie contest,” Bish said.

She placed in the “Jazz Age on the Delaware” pie contest in Philadelphia July 29. There were three categories: sweet, savory, and original. She won for savory.

There is no secret to her peach pies, she said. Her pie included a tapioca starch to hold everything together. The other ingredients were fresh peaches, brown and white sugar and whole vanilla.

Her son, Jack, 6, also made the winning pie possible.

“He helped pour the sugar and mix the peaches with the sugar,” she said.

There were two other peach pie winners at the M.OT. Senior Center. Veronica Keszler of Middletown won $35 for second place and Donna Wood of Middletown won $25 for third. The honorable mention was Evan Mruk, 14 years old.

The winners were announced after more than an hour of scoring by local judges, including Bill O’Neal, president of the senior center’s board of directors, Middletown Mayor Kenneth Branner Jr., Middletown Police Chief Michael Iglio, and Bob Hyer, a local baker.

There were 14 pies entered in the contest from people ranging in ages from 14 to 68. The pies were judged anonymously and scored on appearance, texture of crust, quality of crust, flavor of filling and consistency of filling.

Each category for each pie is given a number from one to five with five being the best. When the judging is over, the numbers are tabulated and the winners announced.

All pies entered into the contest became property of the senior center and were sliced up and sold.